Cognitive Turbulence

28 September 2016
Worm Filmhaus, Rotterdam

A collection of films from international filmmakers, a negotiation between the abstract and the concrete. Plays of light and shadow, still lifes and its sonic equivalents, rough music and a meta-reflection on the process of film processing.

Abject Noise / Bea Haut
2014 | 4 min | B&W | 16mm

A study of the optical sound strip on film, where light triggers sound. Objects as noise, passing across and out of the film frame, then through the unseen strip. The artist, the action, and the consequent sound, all skirt around the edges of the visible. Interrupting the usual boundaries of framing and structure, this is an extended format film, asking the viewer to see what isn’t in view and to hear the shape of things.


Nature Morte / Jim Hobbs
2015 | 11 min | B&W | 16mm

Nature Morte is a suite of 16mm films composed of different floral arrangements, whereby the subject matter also transforms into a source of sound. Looking back towards Robert Mapplethorpe’s early flower photographs, Hobbs takes on board the ideas that the flowers represented here are simultaneously life and death – and as such have a frequency that hums with tension. With a focused and durational gaze, each “still life” explores the visual beauty of a staged composition, while at the same time searching for moments within the frame that utilize the optical soundtrack on the film’s surface to create sonic equivalent. Here, the image is sound, and the sound is image.


Music for a While / Oliver Bancroft
2012 | 4 min | B&W | 16mm

A reflective filmic elegy to the overlapping sounds that rise and fall around us. These sounds, seemingly visibly manifest by a breeze distracting the singer’s hair, remain happily abstruse to the woman as she sings along to her private orchestra. For the audience these auditory tremors mingle with her voice, creating a hybrid soundscape of the orchestrated or trained, and the random by-products of civic motion.


E-Star / James Holcombe & Karel Doing
2016 | 12 min | B&W | 16mm

A processed based film about film processing. Taking an industrial film processing machine as its subject, the film turns the machines' image and sound into a reflexive poem. Hovering over its oxidised surface an attempt is made to land on its treacherous endless outpouring of meaningless filmstrips full of hidden treasures and avant-garde conflict. An E-ternal polyester leader provides abstract rhythm and profound blabbering appeasing the gluttonous intestines of the rattling mechanism. Body and soul rest in over exposed flashes of transcendence: a star is born and extinguished beyond its capitalist demise.


Árvore Da Vida / Jacques Perconte
2013 | 11 min | Colour | HD video

Arvore da vida is the story of a tree in Madeira, a tree on the edge of the primary forest. In the beginning and at the end, there was color: green. Monochrome, the movement of each of the branches and leaves will identify certain shades of matter and forms to be born. The tree appears. All dimensions of the image and music come alive and stir until they are indulged in appeasement. This is the cycle of a universe, an endless cycle. They are embodied in the tension that exists between the image and the music.


Transitus Angeli / Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári
2014 | 11 min | Colour | HD video

Transitus Angeli is located within the stream of film-work that has sought alternatives to realistic visual representation and figuration, but acknowledges that abstraction in both the visual and sonic domains cannot be separated from the world from which it emerges. Ironically titled, this piece of “sonic cinema”, or "sonikinos" is an oppositional response to current reactionary tendencies and growing economic, social and political turbulence. Through systematic distortion and deconstruction, a synthesised bell-sound becomes transformed into a rough-music, charivari, scampanate, or katzenmusik, articulated and reinforced visually, synchretically, and synaesthetically by the agitated jitter of a visual field derived from digitised looped and sequenced hand-painted 16 mm film. Is this the beating of wings or the frantic flapping of flags?


Pattern/Chaos / Karel Doing
2015 | 19 min | Colour | Expanded Cinema

The expanded cinema performance Pattern/Chaos is a negotiation between the unpredictability of organic processes and the regularity of frames, optics and motors. Images that are in first instance perceived as abstract turn out to be concrete precipitation from phenomena that surround us in every day life. The work can be understood as an attempt to undermine the assumption that the natural world and the human world are opposites. The work is presented as a humble curation of organic readymades.