15 Years Studio één (Live Eight)

29 january 2006
Starting from Scratch, IFFR, Rotterdam

A programme of Super-8 films with live musical accompaniment produced by the Rotterdam Studio één: the 'do it yourself' film studio. Studio één has been involved for 15 years in producing independent and experimental films, most of which were shot on Super-8.

Studio één 1997 - Francien van Everdingen

A Super-8 report on the studio at a moment when it was packed full of equipment and was a hive of activity. The film was made by Francien van Everdingen as a souvenir from Europe before going to spend a year studying at the Arts Institute of Chicago. She walks around, films the strange equipment lovingly and asks questions of the staff.

Jonas Mekas, Friday the 13th October - Anja Czioska

Jonas, Birgit and Anja go to the Brooklyn Bridge. They set off from Anthology, by taxi, they buy a couple of beers to drink on the way. They have a good time, run and dance on the bridge. It turns into a nice afternoon. Voice artist Andrea Emonds improvises to the rhythm and mood of the film.

Zij, namelijk ik - Djana Mileta

Djana Mileta was one of the founders of Studio één. Her films have a powerful simplicity. Her oeuvre is only known to a very few people and a re-evaluation is long overdue. In this film, two gloved hands meet each other, at first they are both curious, feeling their way. Step by step they get to know each other, love is awoken, they passionately remove each other's gloves. An unprecedented game of love ensues.

Trottadam - die Trottos

Two women meet in Rotterdam to get married. They have their own way of performing the traditional ritual, in which they play with clichés and expectations. They invoke the atmosphere of the 1920s, parodying the present and enchanting the audience with their comic and loving performance. Rita Knuistingh Neven composed music for the film, which she will also perform live.
Bonjour Tristesse

The painter Robert Cash first picked up a film camera in the mid-1990s. He made a portrait series of his friends. A document of animal characteristics hidden in people. Locations in Barcelona, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Frank van Berkel gave the film a new soundtrack with double bass and electronics.
Ultimatum - Karel Doing

In modern warfare, mass murder is a number on a sheet of paper. Waiting for the next war is a question of counting down. Ultimatum was made in 1992 as a protest against the first Gulf War. The protest is still topical. A live soundtrack is provided by composer Florian Maier and his friends. Hard and just: music for the battlefield.