Images of a moving city

35mm 37 minutes 2001 dolby SR
 Written, directed and produced by: Karel Doing
Camera by: Greg Pope

Music by: Pierre Bastien
Editing by: Stella van Voorst van Beest
Distribution: Filmbank, Lightcone
Part of the collection of: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

With particular alertness to trivialities, director Karel Doing made a documentary poem about the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants.

In a series of contrasting black-and-white images, Doing observes the people, roads and buildings that jointly determine the atmosphere of a continually changing multicultural city. Travelling by car, train or subway, Doing sees the aesthetics of a garbage incinerator just as well as that of a traffic junction. When pointing his camera at the motorway, a slow curve becomes a swirling interplay of lines. In the city, he silently follows a few citizens trying to find their way among the high-rise buildings of Rotterdam.

Images of a Moving City is like a visit to Rotterdam, with enough time to wonder where everybody is coming from and where everybody is going.

Screenings History:

IFFR (Rotterdam)
Media Wave (Györ)
Doclands (Dublin)
City Jam (Arnhem)
5th Biennale of media and architecture (Graz)
AFR (Rotterdam)
Ketelhuis (Amsterdam)
de Balie (Amsterdam)
Visiteur du soir (Valbonne)
Urbascope (Bourges)
La Enana Marron (Madrid)
Art Workshop Lazareti (Dubrovnik)
Courtisane (Gent)
Independent Film/Video Festival Indonesia (Jakarta)