Rêve Rive

16mm colour 6 min. 2003
directed by Karel Doing
voice: Andrea Emonds
Distribution: Light Cone , Filmbank

Dreamy images, often in slow motion, stirred or stirring, filmed along the banks of the Seine. Close-ups of water, blurred outdoor shots, shadows and silhouettes of people. Doing weaves an illusion of the city, in a joint project with Andrea Emonds, whose voice adds lilting sounds.

Karel Doing

Screening History:

Cinema de Balie (Amsterdam)
the Red House (Sofia)
Rotterdams Fabrikaat (Rotterdam)
Nederlands Filmfestival 2004 (Utrecht)
La Enana Marron (Madrid)
L'Aternativa 2004 (Barcelona)
Maison Pop (Montreuil)
AFEA (Avignon)