16mm colour 9 minutes 1998
Directed by: K.Doing, G.Pope, B.Haut, B.Hayman
distribution Europe: Light Cone
distribution USA: New York Filmmakers Coop

Performances by Loophole Cinema with light, lenses, projections and bodily interventions are the source of this film. By means of stop-motion, long shutter speeds and opticals these images are manipulated and intensified; resulting in a labyrinth of spaces. The essence of cinema, writing with light, is represented in a hallucinatory way.

Karel Doing

Screening history:

Centro em Movimento (Lissabon, Portugal)
Witte de With (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Menagerie de Verre (Paris, France)
Hrvatski Filmski Savez (Zagreb, Croatia)
Festival de Cine Independiente (Buenos Aires, Argentine)
De Balie (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Ann Arbour Film Festival (Ann Arbour, USA)

(Osnabrück, Germany)
Image Forum Festival (Tokyo / Osaka, Japan)
Viper (Luzern, Switzerland)
Firestation #3 (Houston, USA)
Mc Murdo Station (Antarctica, USA)
Jorge Hernandez CulturalCenter (Boston, USA)
LUX center (London, England)
Fondazione Morra (Napoli, Italy)
Batofar (Paris, France)
Arsenal Kino (Berlin, Germany)
International Video Dance Festival (Tel Aviv, Israel)