Films, expanded cinema and installations by Karel Doing





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Wilderness Series



Invisible Dialogue

Dark Matter

A Grain of Salt


Palindrome Series

The hero and the princess




Looking for Apoekoe



Happy End




Rêve Rive

Four Eyes

A Journey to Tarakan

Images of a moving city

Nine Optical Toys

Energy Energy



Maas Observation

Rotary Factory / Recollection



Zonder Krokodillen

Nature Trail


DCP colour 14 minutes 2016

16mm b&w 12 minutes 2015

Expanded Cinema 18 minutes 2015

16mm b&w 3 minutes 2014

DCP colour 20 minutes 2014

Installation 2013

Super8 b&w 7 min. 2013

Expanded Cinema 20 min. 2013

HD video colour 54 min. 2012

Expanded Cinema 2012

Digibeta b&w 50 min. 2010

35mm colour 8 min. 2010

16mm colour 13 min. 2010

Digibeta colour 12 min. 2008

Installation DVD colour 5 min. 2007

HD–cam colour 11 min. 2006

Installation DVD colour 4 min. 2005

Mini–DV b&w 5 min. 2005

Installation DVD 7 min. 2004

16mm colour 6 min. 2003

Expanded Cinema 2002

35mm colour 47 min. 2002

35mm b&w 37 min. 2001

CD-ROM 2000

16mm b&w 7 min. 1999

Expanded Cinema – 16mm loops 1998

16mm b&w 9 min. 1998

16mm b&w 11 min. 1997

Expanded Cinema 1996

16mm b&w 4 min. 1994

16mm colour 7 min. 1993

16mm colour 4 min. 1993

16mm colour 3 min. 1993

Super8 colour 7 min. 1991

Images grown on film emulsion.

A process based film about film processing.

Organic ready-mades.

Synchronicities and frictions.

Experiential cinematic biography.

Transforming discarded material.


Poetic and militant.

Who is Hristo Botev?

Fragile and pulsating environment.

Saramaccan cultural document.

Deteriorated Nitrate footage.

Enchanting trip to Suriname.

Eight transformations.

Taking a break.

The best things in life are free.

Chinese Whisper.

Finding a fragile treasure.

Visible and hidden relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Escape from everyday life.

The four eyes are playing with musical toys and the ABC of cinema.

Travelogue about the filmmakers uncle who was executed in the former Dutch Indies.

City symphony about Rotterdam, a city in transition.

Super8mm filmloops and mechanical music.

An imaginary feast of technological inventions.

Images fading from black to white with shadows of people walking inbetween.

A labyrinth of spaces.

Observing the bizarre industrial landschape around the port of Rotterdam.

Loops, spinning and repetetive patterns, reverse or palindromic constructions, alternate sequences...

A girl dancing, repeating movements.

Abstract lightplay that slowly reveals it's secrets.

A rhythmical montage of daily life.

A rhythmic pattern of processed landscape imagery.

Protest against the first gulf-war.